I have been blessed in so many ways during my life. I have known intense joy and intense pain. Oddly enough, it was during the times of intense pain of tragic losses that  provided the most opportunity to grow in my heart and soul. I experienced a great loss which profoundly impacted my life and as a result, I find myself profoundly changed. It isn't often we get the opportunity to rise from the ashes with more strength and stronger wings to fly even higher - so I took the opportunity. My passion for my family's music, songs, stories and preservation of my culture has only intensified and brings me even more joy. I have become more fiercely protective of these mountains in Madison County, North Carolina and of my people that live here. I adore my home and am so grateful to be able to claim my tiny slice of it for a while longer. What I offer here on my website is an opportunity to 'visit' with one another. I want you to feel like we're out on the porch in the porch swing sharing stories and songs, old sayings, recipes, lazy talk about family, laughter and all the good things we have between us. Take your time, don't feel rushed, leave me a message, check out the stuff I got for sale, sorry, I reckon I had to say that. Let me know what you think about my writing, music, family and tell me about your thoughts, music, family and such. It's really good to be back in this business of life. It goes by whether we choose to be a part or not, you know?     



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