Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #39

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Woke early this morning and it certainly was colder than yesterday! I went out barefoot to get wood and just as I was loading the last stick in my arms a voice behind me said, "Morning, Missy!" I dumped the wood and turned toward the Old Man with my fists on my hips. "Well, we were all wondering when you'd make your way back down to this part of the world." HeĀ reached up and grabbed his hat off his head. "I had business a bit further up the road but I've got that piece of weathering done so figured I'd stop by to see if you might be considering some gravy and..." His voice sort of trailed off when he saw the look on my face. "I know everybody is wanting me out of the way of that red-headed gal but it's still my weathering time. Look at your calendar, Missy. It's just the 4th day of February! Why I recall in 1961 they was a foot of snow fell here on this very day!" I could've bit 10 penny nails in half. "If you pull such a trick as that Old Man, I'll be waiting for you with my shotgun the next time you show your face around here. And I mean that!" He did a little soft shoe shuffle on the porch and danced his way out into the yard. I felt the temperature fall about 5 degrees and my feet were now like plugs of ice. "Now don't you go threatening me. This is my season and I mean to make my kind of weathering right on through the end of March. You know that ground hog saw his shadow day before yesterday and went scooting back into his hole!" I started loading my arms with wood again and didn't say another word. He's right, you know? I'd forgotten all about Ground Hog's Day! Did any of you remember? Sigh and sigh some more. Love and hugs out to all y'all from a foggy, wet and sort of dismal Eskey's Ridge... Psssssst - That ground hog scooting only gives the Old Man 6 more weeks.... Yiiiippppeeee! xoxo SK

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