Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #33

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Just outside to bring in wood and the smell of snow rides on the air. Yesterday while I was outside I had a very brief visit from that red-haired girl. I was sitting in the porch swing when I heard "Pssssssst," from around the corner of the house. I turned and there she was! "What are you up to, young'un? I know it's warm and sunny today but don't you know what's coming for us in just a few hours?" All that red hair danced around her head as it bobbed back and forth. "Oh I reckon I DO know what is coming. I just wanted to let you know that I'm heading for much sunnier climes. That Old Man has worked himself into a Big Blow! It's going to be cold and windy and snow..." I patted her arm. "Well honey, it's winter time.... The time of the Hunger Moon is coming up quick. In this part of the world, we sort of expect this time of year to be just this way." She gave a big sigh. "They's lots of folks saying the same thing. I reckon they's just no place for me in these parts..." Her hair settled about her pretty little face and she looked so sad. "Don't be so down in the dumps. Why, in late March or early April all manner of folks will be out calling your name and you'll come rolling back in here and every step you take will bring such joy to all our hearts! You go where it's warm... we'll cuss and moan about the Old Man but we'll be singing your praises." I gave her slumped shoulders another pat and said softly, "Go on now..." And with a tiny little smile she swirled into the bright blue of the sky and was gone. There was no sign of the Old Man when I went out to bring in wood. But he's on his way. As soon as it gets daylight I'm going out to the wood shed and lay up as much wood as I can on the porch. I'll let you know what and all that old coot has to say for himself as soon as he shows up. Love and hugs from a quietly waiting Eskey's Ridge. Be ready for him, my dearest dears. April is coming but it's going to be an interesting 3 months! xoxo SK

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