Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #41

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Just went out on the porch and now I know exactly what the old folks meant when they said, "Them clouds is heavy with snow..." Or my mother would say, "On the wind's breath rides the smell of snow." Or as the Old Man is out there singing, "Gonna be a cold time in the old town tonight!" I laughed out loud when he did a little shuffle across the porch in my direction. "Think you got the words mixed up, Old Man. It's "hot time int he old town tonight." He actually swept his hat off and gave me an old-timey bow! "Not on this day and night, Missy! I've decided to let loose here in this part of the world. I've just been a teasing all of youn'se up to now. It's a gonna SNOW!" I grinned at him and let my eyes move across the valley toward the big mountains. "Yep. I reckon it is. Coming up from the south, too. Daddy always said that was where we got our big snows from." The Old Man stepped off the porch and leaned his head back to study the sky. "Well, your Daddy was right. Them old folks could tell you young folk a thing or two about this weathering business. They knew a lot more than these folks on that there television with all their fancy, dandy weather pre-dicting machines and such. Now take for instance when you was talking before about Ground Hog Day. Bet you didn't know they moved it?" I laughed. "Yep. I do know 'they' moved it... from February 14th to the 2nd. That upset my Breaddaddy a lot, you know? He quarreled about it when I was little. He said, "How are we supposed to know how much more winter we have to deal with if they're gonna mess with Ground Hog's Day? And then they up and made it something called Valentine's Day! What a nerve some people have about them!" So, on this morning of snow riding on the wind's breath, I remembered Breaddaddy... my grandfather. He was the one that rode all the way to Chicago with E.Y. Ponder to bring back a hit man and held a gun on him for over 24 hours while Sheriff Ponder drove back to Madison County.... Tough customers those old mountain people were - God bless all of them! So... stay warm and safe out there, my dearest dears and let's all have a thought or two about those 'tough old birds' that live and breathe in our heart's memories. I would sure love to hear one of your stories... There ain't gonna be much else to do today as the Old Man is out there whooping and hollering about conjuring up snow! Love, love. love all y'all! xoxo SK

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