Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #40

Weather report from Eskey's Ridge... I reckon I'm recovering from the worst head cold I've ever had! Andrew had it first - perhaps caught on the plane back from South America? It was NO fun and I'm only now starting to feel better... The Old Man and I have hollered at each other through closed windows but he's strutting proud out on the porch this morning. I just hollered and said, "Your weathering time is growing short, Old Man!" He belly laughed! "Missy, we'll just see about that." He's really cutting didoes out on the Ridge... You know, I am so tired of winter! I keep reminding myself that it won't be long before I'll be going out that door to work in my garden and my flowers. What pleasure it will be to start mowing the upper and lower forty... Please remind me of that when I start whining about all the grass I have to cut! But, for right now, I will wait to see what the Old Man can conjure up. A pretty big snow wouldn't hurt my feelings a'tall. I love the quiet that comes with a big feather tick snow... I really do... But he just better hold off on that dang bone chilling cold! I truly hope we've left the biggest part of that behind. Uh-oh! Now he's outside bellowing about how hungry he is because he's working up a big appetite... Anyone out there willing to fix biscuits and gravy for the Old Coot this morning? It won't be me that feeds him! Love and hugs out to all my dearest dears. Blessings and peace to each and every one of you this winter morning.... Oh, I am praying for that red haired girl to come waltzing in here a bit early! xoxo SK

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