Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #38

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... "They's a warm spell that comes around the first part of February... A respite from the bone chilling cold. It's a glimmer of hope and a promise, grandbaby. Folks in this part of the world calls it False Spring." These were the words I heard clear as a bell this morning when I stood on the porch before daylight... I took a deep breath of the rain soaked air and smiled. I feel so very blessed that my heart's ear can recall all those precious voices from my childhood... I whispered, "False Spring..." Right then a sweet voice from behind the house began to sing and my heart lifted with the sound! She didn't come to sit with me but she's on the Ridge. I listened to her running footsteps as she moved from one place to another... This might not be the real spring, my dearest dears, but it is our promise. Spring will come and it won't be as long in the coming as it has been! Love out to each and every one of you on this morning of hope and peace. The house is quiet - - Andrew has been gone for a week now and I've missed him. But there is something to be said for content solitude. I love all y'all... xoxo SK

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