Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #34

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... This very second it is 2 degrees on my kitchen porch! The Old Man is out there raising Cain! There's 4 inches of fresh, powder-fine snow on the ground and the view from the porch is stunning as you can see from mine and Andrew's pictures. But it is so COLD... 'killing cold' as Mama called it. Here in the little house that Jim built, it's warm and cozy. Andrew and I have been up talking since well before dawn.... What a blessing my son is in my life.... 
When I stepped out to take the picture, that Old Man was on the front porch in a whirling snow shower. "Good morning, Missy! Just look at my handiwork. Ain't we having a grand time?" With chattering teeth I said, "Oh but yes! I wouldn't have it any other way, Old Man." And, I wouldn't. I remember my mother's slender hands 'comforting' a fire into being. I recall my grandmother's ropey blue-veined hands loading the big Home Comfort cook stove and oatmeal in a speckled blue enamel bowl. In my heart's eyes, I can see my daddy's gnarled from hard work hands coaxing well placed kindling into a roaring blaze. 
Every single time Mama built a fire she reminded me that good fire building was an art that took time and patience. Daddy built a fire like he lived life - fast and with gusto. But, it's Mama's hands that I remember with tenderness. I reckon that's the way of the heart, my dearest of dears. What is that old saying...? Something like "The hand that rocks the cradle..." Here's to all those beautiful hands that have rocked all those cradles! Love and great big hugs out to all y'all... Get out there and Go It on this day and live it hard... It's the only one we got. I love y'all...... Oh... the Old Man just started hollering about biscuits and gravy. Maybe I'll surprise him here in a bit - - and maybe not! xoxo SK

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