Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #32

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... The moon was not a bashful moon last night. It was bold and bright as it rose above the mountain across the valley from the little house that Jim built. I sat on the porch swing for a long time watching it move up above the ridge line into the waiting arms of the big oak's branches off to the side of the house. In its silver light I saw the smoke from the fireĀ diving straight for the ground and thought, "There will be snow before daybreak..." That's what all the folks from my childhood always said. And like a child, I was up and down all night long, peeping out into the bright night waiting... I'm still waiting for the snow. The night passed cloudless and still and just magically beautiful.... I think I'll go down and see if that Old Man is out and about this morning. Good morning all my dearest dears!! I'll keep you posted as to the unfolding of that possibility of snow - I just hope the Old Man has had his biscuits and gravy!!! xoxo SK

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