Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge # 6

Weather report from Eskey's Ridge... The moon just crossed over my sky light window and I realized I'd fallen asleep. Wrote more today and didn't realize two hours turned into eight! Story is coming along great. My son, Andrew just banked the fire and the house is nice and warm with a hint of the sweet smell of some apple wood I gathered back in the summer. But it has locust on it now so it'll offer up fat glowing coals when I wake in the morning. It's been a quiet day here on the Ridge. I hope all y'all out there are having a wonderful evening and staying warm. Holidays are sometimes difficult for all of us due to loss of those we have loved. I'm keeping my thoughts on my sister's full house of laughter and the warmth of family on Thursday. I miss Jim, tonight. But I'm thankful for all the years we had together. Gonna go see the movie "Lincoln" with a bunch of friends sometime next week... I'm playing a banjo solo for almost a full minute in it so that should be thrilling. I might slip off and see it with Tim this weekend. He's been a sweetheart and I am thankful for our time together. Life moves on, my dearest dears and we move with it. I'm learning to live and love again. As Tim says, 'It's all good, Sheila Kay, it's all good." And I'm getting there. Moving away from the pain of the last four years and welcoming love again... And proud to be here, folks. Mighty proud. Love out to all y'all from a starry, starry night on Eskey's Ridge.

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