Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge # 3

Weather report from Eskey's Ridge - Just stood on the porch for a few minutes and my heart filled with such quiet joy and peace. Ain't we a funny bunch, my dearest dears? Life is so precious and fleeting. All we have to do is ask and be still and we get it all. A world of wonder waits just outside our little selves. And I am so very thankful that sometimes, not all the time, but enough times I'm able to be still and know Something is there. The wind is still blowing and it is snowing and it is so beautiful. Love going out to all my dearest dears from a snow blanketed Eskey's Ridge. Good night, loving hearts. Just watched 'Pay It Forward' and hope to keep doing just that. Take time to go out and give thanks for a night of wonder.... Wherever you are It is there! xoxo SK

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