Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge # 16


Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge - It's raining on the Ridge this morning. Supposed to snow tonight and tomorrow. When it gets light enough outside, I'll go out and get some dry wood for the stove - high winds are coming our way, too. Went to Sodom yesterday morning and spent a couple of hours with Ezra. I love him so very much. He said, "Gi-Gi, I have something important to tell you that one of my friends told me, but you can't tell anybody." I promised I wouldn't and he said, "Jason said Santa Claus was not real! Can you believe that?" And I said, "Is that bacon I smell?" Another advantage to being a grandparent - by the time you are one, you've learned how to love with all your heart and soul. And you learn that a few months aren't gonna make that much difference. I love you, Ezra - and it really was bacon I was smelling! Blessings out to all my dearest dears... SK

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