Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge # 13

Weather report from Eskey's Ridge - The whole ridge is socked in with fog this morning. I spent the night with Judy Rhodes and had a bit of excitement when I went outside about 9:30. Saw a fully grown black bear come out of the trees and lumber across a clearing about 20 feet from where I was standing. I backed up and then said, "hell with this!" and ran. When I told Judy she went marching up into the woods - I had her back - about 10 feet from the door! I swear I would've called 911 as soon as I got back inside. Kinda neat but I ain't messing with an adult bear this time of year. They're kinda grumpy right now. Hope y'all are Going It this morning. I'm a resting for awhile. Bears! Law-Law!

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