Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge # 10

Weather Report on Eskey's Ridge - the wind is blowing straight out of the north and the chickens are swollen up big as a mule's backside! And I'm toasty warm with my Monitor Heater purring away down stairs. Daddy always laughed and said I could tear up a crowbar and I managed to tear up a cast iron stove. The Man is coming to fix it next week so the Monitor will do the job just dandy - but I do miss my wood heat.. feels so much warmer, you know?
Gotta go unstick my chickens, they haven't moved in some time and might be frozen to the ground.. Love and blessings out to all my dearest dears. Gonna take a much needed nap, darliins... Keep warm and don't go out into this unless you dress like Nanuk of the North. No frostbite, please! Nap time! xoxo.................. SK

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