Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #7

Weather report from Eskey's Ridge... Cold but had me a bed of hot coals to put another slab of locust on and already the house is heating up. So far I haven't dropped a stick on my foot yet  Got lots to do today but nothing really too aggravating - - My sister said for me to bring a banana pudding if I felt like it or if not, just bring myself! Now that's a real sister for you! June is my rock and they just don't come any better than her. So today I'm being thankful for many things - my big beautiful family, my close friends, my 'friends' on FB that have provided me much comfort and laughter over the last few months. And this wonderfully blue sky I am looking at through a sky light my late husband Jim put in the ceiling of our bedroom. Good man, he was. And I'm thankful for so many other sweet God given miracles - Ezra and Carley, my grand-babies, Melanie, Hart and Andrew - my three children. My nieces, Lisa and Sonia and my nephew, Stephen. I thank God every day for my brother-in-law, Steve Gahagan and all the members of his brothers' families that now seem like blood of my blood. 
So here's hoping all y'all take a few minutes to just be still and be thankful for all we maybe take for granted the rest of the year. God's blessings out to all y'all from one peaceful, thankful old soul here on Eskey's Ridge. Thank you, God.... especially for my sister June Adams Gahagan. Love you, June!

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