Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge 4

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge - The moon is laying a silver shawl over the entire ridge and every where the snow still lingers it looks like a rainbow peeps out at you as you walk by. I've walked to the top of the ridge and back just marveling at the beauty of this place I call home... my mountains holding me close... Ahhhh this is where God lives. I can feel it in my very soul. I know where my mother, father, Jim and many aunts and uncles are tonight... somehow that's a very peaceful feeling. There was a time when everyone I ever loved still lived - now they live on in sweet memories and fond reflection. Love going out to all y'all from an old soul who loves these mountains and all that lies beneath them. God's blessing on each and every one of you. Drove back though Sodom and hold each voice and memory with loving hands. I am blessed.


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