Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #28

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... The house is quiet this morning... No wind or snow falling and maybe an inch of snow still on the ground. Yesterday morning there was that weird atmospheric thing going on where the ice crystals hover in the air and you could walk through leaving the outline of your entire body behind. Of course you can't take a picture of that. I got out early this morning hoping to find some prints of the 'big cat' but all I found were dog tracks. Hart came yesterday and borrowed my car, leaving me his four-wheel drive truck until tomorrow. At least I can get off the hill now without any trouble to my friends. Went out and hauled some wood up onto the porch with the help of my good friend, Jon Zachary - who also took the above photo. Thanks Jon for being such a good friend... That's one thing I am indeed blessed with - very good friends. The Old Man is all over the Ridge making his presence known. I reckon it's winter, my dearest dears. I'm looking forward to seeing Carly Rose and Jake later today and am going to get Ezra early in the week so he can spend a day or two with me. Life is good... Hope all y'all are staying warm and getting ready for the next big blow. That Old Man just started singing "Rain and Snow." Ehhh law... HA! Poor old feller! I love all y'all. Stay tuned for more weather reports... xoxo SK


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