Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #27

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... There was no thought of going out in my shirt-tail this morning! It is 5 degrees here on the Ridge. After I was dressed and coated and gloved up, I went out on the porch to bring in more wood - I was up three times last night feeding my little 'stove-baby' - and the Old Man was sitting in porch swing rocking back and forth. This morning he's wearing a rumpled, moth eaten wool three piece wool suit and has on one of those flap-eared, fuzzy hats pulled down over his ears. He has it on backwards but I'm not going to tell him! I ain't messing with him this morning. As far as I can see now that morning's light has come for the Ridge, the whole valley is under a blanket of soft snow. All the sharp edges have been softened and it truly is beautiful. I took a breath and it was so cold it hurt... but I couldn't help but smile. The second he saw that grin he was up and swirling across the porch. "Good morning, Missy. Would you agree this is my best run at weathering for this season?" I swear I tried to look at him with a stern and disapproving expression on my face but he was standing there with such a boyish smile I couldn't help but laugh with delight. "You old coot! It is so cold I can barely take a breath but it is so very pretty. You've done a fine job of weathering this morning." He hooked his thumbs in his vest and strutted across the porch with his chest all puffed out. "Indeed it is... Why I believe it's as cold this morning as it was back in 1947 when I came through here. That was when that cow froze to the ground up on the head of the Big Laurel. Now them were the times, Missy." I leaned down and started loading my arms with wood. "At least I don't have a cow but I'd better get that fire roaring or no telling what might freeze up here." He scurried over, "Let me help you." Right then an icy wind blew across the porch like I've never felt before. "No!" I hollered. "You get on back over to the porch swing and I'll go fix you some iced coffee!" He's still out there and is hollering now about biscuits and gravy... Well, he can holler on. I ain't going back out until I have to go. The little stove is having a struggle but the monitor heater has kicked in to lend a hand. It is COLD out there, my dearest dears. Keep a watch out for the Old Man today. He told me he was going to be sticking around for 'nigh up to a week.' That caused a huge sigh but it is his weathering time. Love out to all y'all. Stay warm!!! xoxo SK

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