Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #26

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... The wind is howling and that Old Man is singing harmony! It is fogging down the snow and when I went out on the porch, he came sliding across it like it was water. "Well, Missy, and what say you now about me letting that red-headed slip of a girl take my weathering?" I didn't say a single word to him. I lifted a stick of wood and put it in the crook of my arm and he let out a big loud bark of laughter. "Cat got your tongue?" I just kept loading my arms and right before I opened the door to come back inside, I offered him my biggest smile. "You just do your best, Old Man." His eyes met mine and we had a stare down right there on the porch! To be honest, I've got the curtain pulled back and every so often I go over to the door and he's still out there. It's warm in the little house that Jim built and my heart somehow welcomes the snow and wind and cold. It is January 2nd after all. And he'll blow himself to smithereens before the night is done. And tomorrow will be beautiful. Uh-oh! Now he's out there hollering about his supper and has set my wind chimes to singing. Better go and let him see me, eyeball to eyeball! Stay warm wherever you are my dearest dears and don't go out unless you just have to go. It's really coming a Big Blow and we'll just hunker down. Love and hugs out to all y'all. I'll be back out to talk with that dastardly Old Man in the morning bright and early. Weather report to follow in the a.m. 
xoxo SK

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