Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #25

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... I laid about in bed way past my usual rising time because that Miss Spring had such a great time last night I had to set up and watch her out there dancing and prancing! Did you happen to see that little sliver of a moon peeking down? And all those stars! When I finally staggered down for that that first cup of coffee, she was standing out on my kitchen porch pointing at the thermometer... 37 degrees here on the Ridge! When I stepped out to join her, she tossed all the red hair back and giggled. "So what do you think of this weather?" I wrapped my hands a little tighter around the warmth of my coffee mug and smiled. "Good sleeping weather, honey bunch. Love it!" She spun 'round and leaped off the back porch. "I'm off to play the whole day through!" I laughed out loud and nodded. "I can see you're up to it. I'm needing a little Ezra time so I'm gonna go to his ball practice. You might want to find someone else to run with today!" 
She giggled and went running out the Ridge so don't be one bit surprised if she comes knocking on YOUR door today. 
Love and hugs out to all my dearest dears... Enjoy this nice cool spring day and tell that Miss Spring I'll be looking for her tomorrow! xoxo SK

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