Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #24

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Woke this morning to the sound of such beautiful singing! Knew who I would find when I went outside... Before I went, though, I closed all the windows I'd left open last night. Mrs. Summer soothed the Ridge with the rumbling sounds of thunder and a steady rain during the night. Bless her! But this morning? That red-haired gal was buzzing about the Ridge, hard at work before daylight! "Good morning, Miss Spring," I hollered out. She was by my side in a flash of lightening. "Oh! I am so very glad to finally be getting some dirt under my fingernails. There's all them wildflowers I'm tending to right yonder over the bank. You really need to come see them when it gets good and daylight." Her bright green eyes flashed and thunder clapped its hands right over our head. "Dang! That was close. I'm getting on the porch swing!" I said and headed in that direction. "Wait," she called out. "I'll give some light for you to see by. You'll break your neck 'cause of that miserable missing floor." Now, let me tell you one thing - that gal knows how to light up this here Ridge! Before I could move, she pointed one finger toward the sky and a streak of lightening ran from heaven to earth and lit up my world!! Now, let me tell you something else - It is amazing how fast this old gal can move it right along should I need to do just that! The big SPAT of thunder was just dying off and I was inside the house waving at her! She came right up to the window glass and put her long hand against it and I put mine against hers. I could feel the warmth through the glass. And then she threw back her head and laughed with delight. Last I saw of her she was going out the Ridge with that lovely dress swirling about her in the pouring rain. What an absolute beauty she is. Blessings out from a bright and blooming Eskey's Ridge... xoxoxo SK

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