Sheila Kay Adams

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #22

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Miss Spring has been skipping all across The Ridge these last two days! Through the open windows, I can hear her sweet singing right now. Yesterday we spent the day together and she was like a child and wore me slap out... "It's almost my birthday!" she sang as she ran through the woods. I watched as every footstep she left behind filled with blue-eyed grass, cinquefoil, winter cress, wood anemone and wild columbine. "Don't bring them out too soon, now. That Old Man ain't gone for good yet," I said. She laughed and spun into the air and laid a graceful, long-fingered hand upon a redbud tree which immediately began to put out its purple bud. "Oh.. let him come! He can't stop me now. He might devil me around a little for a few more weeks but I can out stubborn him now! It's coming on my time!" I stopped to take the picture of what my people call Flowering Ivy. When I stood and looked where she'd been standing waiting, dancing from one foot to the other, she was gone. I listened for the sound and heard her song a ways off. Finally I found her. I watched as she went dancing over the ridge behind the house with her red hair full of flowers swirling around her head. What a beauty she is, my dearest dears! Let's hope she does not have to out stubborn the Old Man much longer! Love and hugs out to all my dearest dears. SK