Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #21

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge... Snow covered as far as my eyes can see. I hope when I had that chat with Old Man Winter he didn't take it as a 'why don't you just ball up and set for a long spell!' I believe Miss Spring, bless her heart, has done gone to the house and is sitting by her little stove warming her little toes.... Last night my stove just would not draw worth a durn. Must've been the front that came in bringing the snow. But this morning it's burning merrily along and the whole house has heated up nice as you please! So good morning to all my dearest dears on this Sunday morning from a slow to wake Eskey's Ridge. Just heard the birds start singing from the bird feeder. Holding on the knowledge that everything has purpose and a reason and glad to be here in my little warm house. Love and blessings out to one and all... xoxo SK

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