Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #20


Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge.. Mercy upon us! Cold as a well-diggers hand shake here on the Ridge, but already got me a fire going in my fine stove - locust log is next in line. To be honest, I felt that familiar and sweet pull on my heart when I looked out the window of the plane as we were going down into Charlotte. Off in the distance, there they were, MY mountains, welcoming me home. Different places and different faces are nice once in a while but God bless old Madison County! Ain't nothing in this world as beautiful as these old friends that have offered themselves up every time I needed something to rest my eyes on... my mountains. I'm tired, my dearest dears. But I'm home, and I can rest easy, now... Blessings out to all y'all and hope you're as glad to be 'home' as I am. xoxo SK

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