Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge #17

Weather Report from Eskey's Ridge - Last night, Andrew and I turned all the outside lights on and watched it snow for a bit. You know, we hadn't done that in a couple of years?
My youngest son has been such a blessing in my life. He was here on the day we lost Jim and he has been my rock for almost 4 years. Right now there is sunlight as yellow as butter coming in my skylight. The house is warm and my son is still sleeping. Giving thanks this cold winter morning for a young man who was willing to put his life on hold for a bit so he could hold my hand. Thank you, Andrew - our life together has been 'quite interesting' these last few years. 
And, it did snow, son! Blessings, peace, love and thankfulness going out to all y'all from the Ridge. xoxo SK

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